About Us

About Us


Kronicle Research Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2017 is a company focused on creating a platform which enables enterprises and professionals, have a single end to end meaningful and collaborative platform for their research, process automation, risk management, billing and documentation· It is a connected platform which enables the users undertake research, contract automation, review, contract storage and billing, contract life cycle management without users having to switch between multiple 3rd party tools.

KRPL is promoter funded and founded by domain experts. Kronicle AI tools seek to enhance the productivity of users by up to 80%.


Kronicle empowers users wherever they work by ensuring that its platform bundles comprising of seven full-stack technology tools with AI/ML solutions improve their productivity significantly with one easy subscription.


The Kronicle platform comprises of 7 full-stack technology tools, viz. - 

(i) AI/ML enabled drafting and review tools; 

(ii) Litigation drafting and research services; 

(iii) Research databases; 

(iv) Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tools; 

(v) Billing and Practice management; 

(vi) GRC – government, regulatory & compliance; and 

(vii) Online dispute resolution (ODR) & case analytics. 

Our AI and ML tools identify contractual and legal obligations embedded within an executed contract to notify the relevant departments, across the organisation, of the same in a timely manner.


Kronicle's MS Word Add-in tool helps knowledge workers efficiently assemble, analyze and review contracts, research papers and litigation documents without leaving MS Word. It has all the essential pre-signature tools which contracting professionals would require for an uncomplicated contract automation and review.

Our content from our proprietary legal and compliance data sources, over 50 million documents comprising of judgments, clauses, contracts, and laws, can fast-track and improve executive education, risk analysis and due diligence assignments.


With Kronicle CLM, knowledge workers are able to do business faster by automating repetitive manual tasks, creating complex workflows and eliminating bottlenecks to get work done accurately and increase compliance by standardising business processes while reducing dependency on the legal team.


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